Pointe work is an important addition to a ballerina's dance training. This is offered to the serious student who has reached at least 11 years of age. MHSB offers a introductory pointe class for dancers that have been in ballet twice a week for several years. Students are individually assessed for strength and control before being accepted into the Pointe program. We are now including a poite segment in the regular twice a week ballet classes for the levels of Ballet 8 and up. 

Levels Offered

All levels attend classes once per week

  • Pre-Pointe: 11+ years of age with teacher recommendation - needs to be enrolled in ballet at MHSB

  • Beginner Pointe: 12+ years of age with little or no experience required

  • Pointe 1: 12+ years of age with 1 year of experience or more

  • Pointe 2: 13+ years of age with 2+ years of experience

  • Pointe 3: 13+ years of age with 3+ years of experience

  • Pointe 4: 13+ years of age with 4+ years of experience

  • Pointe 5: 13+ years of age with 4+ years of experience