MHSB costumes are available to rent. Over the years we have accumulated literally thousands of beautiful costumes. In May and June each year we re-use some of them for the end-of-year recitals, but we inevitably need to purchase new ones too. The result is a storage unit full of gorgeous costumes which are woefully under-used! Occasionally, someone asks if they may rent something for a special function or for a photo shoot, and we are more than happy to oblige. If your child’s school or special group need costumes, we probably have something just right!

There is a rental fee and we do charge for dry cleaning, but the costs involved are certainly much less than having to purchase something new that you may need just once.

We have a digital photographic inventory of the majority of our costumes and we are happy to collect samples from our storage to show you in person.

During our busiest times of the year we might not be able to accommodate your requests, but whenever possible we will do our best. We would love our costumes to be put to good use!

Please contact us at 416.484.4731 or email us at office@mhsb.ca for more information.