adult classes

It's never too late to put on a pair of dance shoes! MHSB has a adult program with several levels to accomodate beginners as well as experienced dancers.

All classes begin the week of September 9th.

No pre-registraiton is required, feel free to drop in anytime!

To register, click on the Register link on the left hand side of any class. If you are a returning client click here to register.

MHSB adult class rates:

$19   Single Class

$90   Class Card of 5 

$170 Class Card of 10

All prices include HST.

Seniors and post-secondary students receive a 10% discount. Parents of current MHSB students receive a 25% discount.

Class cards are non-refundable. Cards do have an expiry date, please ask us for further details.

Adult Ballet - Beginner

For the novice or those with a limited ballet background, the beginner ballet class will provide you with a great work out in the strength, flexibility and cardio departments. All ballet classes start with exercises at the barre to tone and strengthen the body and prepare for the more vigorous exercises in the centre. Besides being a thorough work out, a ballet class will encourage better posture and grace.

Adult Ballet - Elementary

 For dancers with some ballet background, about 1-3 years, who would like further build their ballet technique. This class would involve more detailed work on their petit allegro repetoire, port de bras, as well as pirouettes.

Adult Ballet - Intermediate

For dancers with some ballet background – about 3-5 years, the Intermediate class will build on past technique and training. A good understanding of ballet terminology and experience with more advanced work will be required for this level. More emphasis on travelling steps, pirouettes and petite allegro will be a regular part of this class.

Adult Jazz

Not to be confused with the jazz music style, Jazz dance is performed to popular or show music. Having evolved extensively since the 50s, current jazz classes are athletic, lyrical and strengthening. Classes start with a vigourous warm up followed by learning some basic steps and putting them together in combinations. This is a class for those who want a cardio workout that really moves.

Adult Jazz Funk

Building on the basics of the beginner class, this level will pick up the pace and add more complicated steps and combinations. Lively and challenging you will most certainly enjoy this dance form which also provides a complete workout as well as inspire you artistically. Great music is guaranteed!